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Your body’s physical state and your emotional, psychological and spiritual health are all interconnected. This relationship can both adversely and positively affect your state of health and it’s possible to heal your body with your mind, and heal your mind through your body.

I can create a safe, non-judgemental space for you from which we can explore your thoughts and feelings, gain new perspectives on issues and help you develop solutions to achieve better health and a greater sense of well-being.


By using massage and Reiki energy rebalancing I can help bring you into connection with your body, melting aches and pains and assisting your body to let go of tight tension patterns which you may have been holding for a long time. Therapeutic massage can help your body feel relaxed and safe, learning to let go, creating a sense of peace, relaxation and energy flow.


By listening to your life story I can help you find clarity and meaning to what might have been difficult times, helping you see how they link and connect to each other and how patterns may be repeated across different parts of your life. This clarity helps you see your life with new awareness which will enable you to make more choices around aspects of your life.


Understanding what it is that brings you through my door

Initially I like to hear an overview of your life story and about what goal you are looking for … maybe to feel relaxed or happy or loved or have more self-confidence … whatever feels right for you. … tell me more

Helping you chose the right journey for you

We can decided together which journey would suit you best … through the body or through the mind. I can show you how these are interconnected, together with your emotions and energy, into one system. … tell me more

Being disciplined yet flexible in the choice of therapies

At any time you can switch from one style of working to another. Everyone’s life experiences are unique and my approach allows therapy to evolve in response to your personal needs and the life goals you have. … tell me more


What I’ve been thinking about …

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