Hawaiian Massage – Lomi Lomi

I have recently done a course in Hawaiian Massage which is called Lomi Lomi.  It is a beautiful style of massage where the therapist uses much more of their arms to massage the client and the strokes are very long and cover the whole of the body from feet to shoulders in one stroke.  This can feel for the client like the therapist is dancing with them and at times they are having more than one person massage them as hands and arms can be going in different directions or different rhythmic movements.  There is a feeling of expansion of the body as the movements are intended to create infinity with no beginning and ending. It can encompass light or deep work and manipulations for opening up the body and generally lasts one and a half hours.

With Lomi Lomi massage I use coconut oil which has a wonderful smell and can also be used to make exciting things like raw chocolate !

This type of massage brings together the way I generally work with massage and energy channelling as it brings in the ritual of working with spirit as passed down by the Hawaiian Kahunas (wisdom keepers) from way back in time.  The word Hawaii means Breath, Water and Spirit – the supreme life force of the sacred breath that creates and sustains life and is the life essence which we all share. The Hawaiian’s believed in the energy that is all around  us and within us which they call Mana and breathwork will often be integrated into the massage.

The massage is done with the intention of Aloha, which can be the greeting between people but encompasses love, blessing, pleasure, joy, gratitude and compassionate acceptance.  Bringing love into the practice of any massage gives it a very powerful intention and can lead to wonderful healing.  Another Hawaiian word is Mahalo which means holding respectful gratitude for all experiences in our life – the gratitude of practising  the massage with someone!

The Hawaiians talk also about Au Makua which is the higher self, our inner wisdom and highest potential and makes up one third of our soul along with Ku, the subconscious and Lono the conscious mind.

Seven Principles of Huna Wisdom are:

IKE – the world manifests according to our thoughts

KALA – the universe is limitless

MAKIA – energy flows where attention goes

MANAWA – our power is in the present moment

ALOHA – love connects us all

MANA – all power comes from within

PONO – effectiveness is the measure of truth


I have found that whenever I use a practise with my massage which is from a culture which imbues spiritual beliefs then all of that energy is present in the moment for me to use to create healing which is bringing a person back to wholeness of body mind and spirit. A place of remembering who we really are !


Out in Nature

I have recently been on a couple of camps this year which gave me the first time to camp out in nature (with whatever the weather!) in years. One was on a small hill with a 360 degree view of the whole of the beautiful countryside around and the other one was in a womb-like valley which felt very lush. I experienced a range of weather – hot and sunny, windy and wet – but all was welcome ! I loved being able to look at the stars at night and chat around the camp fire. The first one was a Druid camp so I learnt much about the Ogham –  the tree lore of the Druids and the second one was EarthHeart which connects the inner landscape of ourselves back to nature and love.

I often walk in nature but this had a different feeling of immersing myself more with nature and getting that bit closer again, especially as I walked with others who were so knowledgeable about countryside lore.  I found that an atmosphere was created where people wanted to give to one another by teaching workshops about the knowledge they had and where others shared their gifts of making raw chocolate and making music.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

I had new experiences which I was open minded about –  building a sauna, sauna in the morning (helped with the stiffness of camping!) dressing up and playing ivy, teaching massage, sleeping on mass in the geodome, cold showers in the morning (very invigorating), being taught Hawaiian bone washing, being part of a band with my rattle !

Everyone was accepted fully in these communities, everyone helped others, everyone was smiling, everyone was taking time to just be and chat. New friends were made and many were happy to entertain us in the evenings with singing or music.

I knew that nature could help me with peaceful feelings and feel connected and part of her but I had a new feeling of fullness to the brim which was overflowing from all my needs being fulfilled and more.

If you are interested in these two camps – visit rainbowfutures.co.uk and www.jewelswingfield.com


I thought that I would write a bit about pain this week as I have been feeling quite a bit of pain down my right leg due to some over exuberant dancing and have felt how much it has lowered my energy ! I feel I have been lucky in my life as I haven’t ever suffered too much physical pain but I get many people in to see me who are in a great deal of pain.  Some have been in pain for a few days, a few months and even many years. I have found a surprising amount of pain is from the soft tissue of the body and when the muscles are re-aligned often the pain will disappear as long as there is no underlying structural problem.


Sometimes the pain will move around the body and this is often because if a muscle has lost its natural functional strength, then other muscles have to take over the load and this then can exacerbate the problem.  We also have small areas in each of our muscles that have more sensitivity called ‘trigger points’ and these will get activated when a muscle gets over tight, or we are in emotional overwhelm or through lack of sleep. When these start to get activated they then go on to activate other trigger points in other muscles and so we then get what is known as referred pain.


All of this can be dealt with by deep massage – alongside pain management control for diseases such as osteo-arthritis.


Another form of pain may be emotional or mental pain and this can be alleviated quite often through talking therapy, so that we can know the root cause of where this pain originates from.  Sometimes I have also used hypnotherapy for someone to track back to their root cause or to help them relax and defocus on the pain or to imagine a control dial where the pain can be reduced.


I feel that we do not have to always put up with pain – although it is always an interesting question to ask ‘what is this pain trying to tell me ?’ There are many creative solutions to working with pain well worth exploring. 






One of the ways that we can allow another person to feel safe and to be able to trust us is by observing where we are with the judgement of others.  If we start to say things to another person or discuss other people with aspects of judgement then we are not building a relationship based on trust. When holding some feeling of judgement over others, I feel it is always wise to look at where we then have judgement towards ourselves.  These are often heard in the inner chatter of our mind where we may notice the words ‘should’ ‘ought’ or ‘must’ be a certain way in our behaviour in life.

This has particularly come to my notice as last week-end I was at a Druid Camp full of very interesting people who were wearing very unusual clothes and doing very interesting things like singing, sound healing, bone washing, fire juggling to name a few. What I really noticed was how everyone just accepted everyone else with no judgement, whether it be for the clothing that they were wearing or for their creative gifts within themselves which they shared by way of teaching or entertaining us all.

What I could notice was how this feeling of non-judgement allowed people to feel safe to blossom as their fully creative self and just shine.  I thought how lovely it would be to have more of this experience throughout life.  As a therapist this is always the place I hold for others – to feel safe to be yourself with no judgement either on the couch or talking to me so that you can unfold with your special creative gifts that you bring to the world.


Healing the Inner Child

Often when working with people they will tell me about how certain events are happening to them which they are having difficulty with, most often from an emotional point of view. I feel much work can be done with looking at how much our past life, when we were young , affects us in the present moment.

When we are young we find many different ways to survive which help us feel safe in the world which is a very natural thing to happen.  However we can carry these into adulthood and without awareness still play out these behaviours which may well not serve us well at all, in fact they may be self-defeating of the very thing we wish to achieve.

I we have a strong emotional reaction it is always worth checking to see if it is your inner child speaking.  Often the inner child will speak to us from the reaction of anger and hurt or fear and vulnerability. When we recognise this is so then we can develop some new self soothing behaviours to help heal this inner child which can have an amazing effect on developing compassion and love for ourselves.


I often find that I may meet clients and we talk about some aspects of their life which is disturbing them emotionally.  I find many of us are sometimes not sure what to do with our emotions or emotional body – we may want to tuck them away out of sight and not feel them as they are too disturbing or frightening for us – or we may be so immersed with them that they just take us with them in all directions and keep us forever off balance.  Generally though, I find most of us are not entirely at ease with what I will call our emotional body.

I have lots of ways of working with talking therapy to help someone go on a journey to know their emotional body much more intimately and in this way feel much more at ease with ALL their emotional repertoire and see and feel them with new understanding.

I also like to introduce to clients the possibility that emotions get stuck in the body.  These are emotions that I feel have not been fully processed for whatever reason in our life and may be stuck in musculature of the body.  I find they particularly get stuck around the hips – the sacral chakra to do with emotional flow, creativity, relationships to others and sexuality and around the shoulders and neck – anything to do with heart issues and being able to speak our truth, our authenticity.

Understanding emotions and clearing old emotions can be extremely empowering !


I see many clients who come in to see me in pain which is being caused from a muscle being too tight.  I feel that most of us do not know ‘how a muscle should feel’ – what is normal and what is not normal in terms of a muscle being healthy ? As we are so used to our bodies, most of us have no idea when muscles have become too tight.

As a massage therapist I tell my clients that I am working with their body to move their muscle back to normal tension so that it can have back a full range of movement again or come out of a place of pain caused by the muscle being so tight that it is pulling on its attachment or has become hard in the belly of the muscle so it has no give left for normal movement.  Not only does this prevent the body from moving with ease and flow but it constricts the flow of the circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems of the body and also the flow of energy.

Sometimes a person’s body when in stress will switch on their ‘fight or flight’ system and keep the muscles tight throughout the whole of their body causing problems.

I like to help my clients understand their bodies more fully so they know what normal muscle health feels like and can move with ease even into a ripe old age !


What is Reiki

The word Reiki means “spiritually guided life force energy”. 

Our body is composed of physical elements such as muscles, bones, organs and blood and also of a  subtle energy system which ‘life force energy flows’.  This subtle energy system is composed of energy bodies surrounding our physical body and energy centres up the centre of the body called chakras, which work like valves that allow the life force to circulate through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. We also have energy meridians and nadas  which are like rivers or streams which carry our life force energy throughout our physical body to nourish us and assist in balancing our body’s systems.

 Our physical body is alive because of this flow and if high and free flowing then we are more likely to maintain good health and a feeling of well-being.  If blocked or low then we are more likely to feel unwell or very tired.  Stress is one thing which will weaken this flow, often caused by conflicting thoughts and feelings which get lodged in this energy system.

Reiki helps release stress and tension by creating deep relaxation, promoting health and healing on all levels. It can help release toxins, strengthen the immune system, treat the root cause of illnesses, vitalise and create balance and enhance deeper awareness.

Unlimited ‘life force energy’ can be available to all with regular treatments or by learning Reiki!


Opening the heart space

I meet many people who live their lives from the place of the mind and that can feel a very tiring and busy place to be in. When I massage a face around the temples and forehead – I feel the tension of someone who is thinking all the time.

I would like to invite people to try living their life from their body particularly their heart space and feel what this feels like. It starts to open up our ability to feel love and compassion for ourselves and others which can be a very beautiful and peaceful place to live our life from.

Male and Female Energies

I am finding these days that more of my clients are coming in and noticing  the problems they seem to get in the physical body are often down one side so we start to explore this.  Many people feel it is because they are right or left handed and very often what we do physically in life can affect our bodies.  However I feel that many people are now going through a balancing of male and female energies and this may be experienced by being out of balance between both sides of the body.

The male energies are those of doing, taking action, creating structure, and using the logical analytical mind and are mostly the right hand side of the body and the female energies are the passive, being, intuitive, emotional aspects of us. Looking at these aspects can often give us clues to which parts of us could possibly be worked with to create more balance and to honour both energies which I believe we hold within us. Often when I have worked with this as a possible concept with my clients they have found a shoulder start to let go and not cause them so much pain or a tightness around one hip start to ease.

This idea can give us a wonderful opportunity to take a look at some new aspects of expanding our awareness.