We can decide together which journey would suit you best with me – through the body or through the mind.

If you decide the body then I will do massage to bring you deeper into your body.  Some people may feel the need to be quiet to connect more and other find it releasing to talk about what is going on for them in life. At the end of the session we can explore feelings and sensations in the body that may relate to patterns of the mind or emotions that may have surfaced. I also use Reiki to rebalance the your energy system and am happy to explain how this works with the chakras, meridians and auric field of the body.

If you decide the mind, then this will consist of time to explore your life and to uncover patterns which may come from your childhood which are still being played out in your life, a bit like an out of date computer program, but one that may no longer serve you well. These may well be blocking your progress forward in life preventing your natural creative flow. Some of these may be your core belief system which we can look at to see whether it is working for you or not and perhaps try out some new possible belief and see how this works for you as our external world will often reflect our internal world. We will then explore together how this may relate to your feelings and where these are in the body.  Where useful I may use hypnotherapy or Reiki healing.

I will show you how the body and mind are connected, together with your emotions and energy system.  At any time you may wish to switch from one style of working to another.


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