I meet many clients who come to me with headaches or the feeling of a thick head.  Often I find that they have been living mostly in their heads with many thoughts going through their mind so most of the body’s energy is stuck in this part of the body.

A simple way to adjust this is to ‘ground’.  When wiring an electrical circuit this must be grounded to protect it from an improper flow of energy.  What we are using for grounding is earth energy.  To do this all we need to do is focus on our feet allowing them to feel firm and balanced and maybe visualise opening the soles of the feet.  Imagine then your feet sinking into the earth below and that you have roots growing out of them and visualise these roots going down, into the earth through soil and rock right to the hot liquid centre of the earth.  Imagine being anchored into the earth safely.

Doing this will move the energy from the top of your body to the feet and start it circulating more and also have the effect of feeling safer, more anchored into your body !