Healing the Inner Child

Often when working with people they will tell me about how certain events are happening to them which they are having difficulty with, most often from an emotional point of view. I feel much work can be done with looking at how much our past life, when we were young , affects us in the present moment.

When we are young we find many different ways to survive which help us feel safe in the world which is a very natural thing to happen.  However we can carry these into adulthood and without awareness still play out these behaviours which may well not serve us well at all, in fact they may be self-defeating of the very thing we wish to achieve.

I we have a strong emotional reaction it is always worth checking to see if it is your inner child speaking.  Often the inner child will speak to us from the reaction of anger and hurt or fear and vulnerability. When we recognise this is so then we can develop some new self soothing behaviours to help heal this inner child which can have an amazing effect on developing compassion and love for ourselves.