Male and Female Energies

I am finding these days that more of my clients are coming in and noticing  the problems they seem to get in the physical body are often down one side so we start to explore this.  Many people feel it is because they are right or left handed and very often what we do physically in life can affect our bodies.  However I feel that many people are now going through a balancing of male and female energies and this may be experienced by being out of balance between both sides of the body.

The male energies are those of doing, taking action, creating structure, and using the logical analytical mind and are mostly the right hand side of the body and the female energies are the passive, being, intuitive, emotional aspects of us. Looking at these aspects can often give us clues to which parts of us could possibly be worked with to create more balance and to honour both energies which I believe we hold within us. Often when I have worked with this as a possible concept with my clients they have found a shoulder start to let go and not cause them so much pain or a tightness around one hip start to ease.

This idea can give us a wonderful opportunity to take a look at some new aspects of expanding our awareness.