I see many clients who come in to see me in pain which is being caused from a muscle being too tight.  I feel that most of us do not know ‘how a muscle should feel’ – what is normal and what is not normal in terms of a muscle being healthy ? As we are so used to our bodies, most of us have no idea when muscles have become too tight.

As a massage therapist I tell my clients that I am working with their body to move their muscle back to normal tension so that it can have back a full range of movement again or come out of a place of pain caused by the muscle being so tight that it is pulling on its attachment or has become hard in the belly of the muscle so it has no give left for normal movement.  Not only does this prevent the body from moving with ease and flow but it constricts the flow of the circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems of the body and also the flow of energy.

Sometimes a person’s body when in stress will switch on their ‘fight or flight’ system and keep the muscles tight throughout the whole of their body causing problems.

I like to help my clients understand their bodies more fully so they know what normal muscle health feels like and can move with ease even into a ripe old age !