One of the ways that we can allow another person to feel safe and to be able to trust us is by observing where we are with the judgement of others.  If we start to say things to another person or discuss other people with aspects of judgement then we are not building a relationship based on trust. When holding some feeling of judgement over others, I feel it is always wise to look at where we then have judgement towards ourselves.  These are often heard in the inner chatter of our mind where we may notice the words ‘should’ ‘ought’ or ‘must’ be a certain way in our behaviour in life.

This has particularly come to my notice as last week-end I was at a Druid Camp full of very interesting people who were wearing very unusual clothes and doing very interesting things like singing, sound healing, bone washing, fire juggling to name a few. What I really noticed was how everyone just accepted everyone else with no judgement, whether it be for the clothing that they were wearing or for their creative gifts within themselves which they shared by way of teaching or entertaining us all.

What I could notice was how this feeling of non-judgement allowed people to feel safe to blossom as their fully creative self and just shine.  I thought how lovely it would be to have more of this experience throughout life.  As a therapist this is always the place I hold for others – to feel safe to be yourself with no judgement either on the couch or talking to me so that you can unfold with your special creative gifts that you bring to the world.