Out in Nature

I have recently been on a couple of camps this year which gave me the first time to camp out in nature (with whatever the weather!) in years. One was on a small hill with a 360 degree view of the whole of the beautiful countryside around and the other one was in a womb-like valley which felt very lush. I experienced a range of weather – hot and sunny, windy and wet – but all was welcome ! I loved being able to look at the stars at night and chat around the camp fire. The first one was a Druid camp so I learnt much about the Ogham –  the tree lore of the Druids and the second one was EarthHeart which connects the inner landscape of ourselves back to nature and love.

I often walk in nature but this had a different feeling of immersing myself more with nature and getting that bit closer again, especially as I walked with others who were so knowledgeable about countryside lore.  I found that an atmosphere was created where people wanted to give to one another by teaching workshops about the knowledge they had and where others shared their gifts of making raw chocolate and making music.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

I had new experiences which I was open minded about –  building a sauna, sauna in the morning (helped with the stiffness of camping!) dressing up and playing ivy, teaching massage, sleeping on mass in the geodome, cold showers in the morning (very invigorating), being taught Hawaiian bone washing, being part of a band with my rattle !

Everyone was accepted fully in these communities, everyone helped others, everyone was smiling, everyone was taking time to just be and chat. New friends were made and many were happy to entertain us in the evenings with singing or music.

I knew that nature could help me with peaceful feelings and feel connected and part of her but I had a new feeling of fullness to the brim which was overflowing from all my needs being fulfilled and more.

If you are interested in these two camps – visit rainbowfutures.co.uk and www.jewelswingfield.com