What my clients have said ….

  • Hypnotherapy helped my sleep disorder. I can personally recommend Angi for Hypnotherapy, it was with her help that my sleep disorder is cured.  Before our sessions my sleep would be interrupted a number of times each night with periods of about an hour just lying awake.  Even after two consultations there were nights I was able to sleep through the desired time.  With time my patterns have now completely changed and I am able to get a good nights sleep almost 100% of the time.  The CD that Angi provided for me to listen to each night is truly wonderful ! Mr A. P.
  • Relaxing and releasing built up tension. I have been seeing Angi regularly for over a year now and no longer suffer from a painful shoulder and neck.  I continue to work with her on relaxing and releasing built up tension.  Angie’s wealth of knowledge, combined with intuition, integrity, genuine care and interest is what makes her work so good. Angi is always leaning and I trust her completely. Mrs E. L.
  • Her Reiki treatments have re-energised me. I have been visiting Angi for some time now to help me deal with the upheaval in my personal life.  During this time she has helped my mental and physical well-being. She has listened to me and helped get me back on track and her Reiki treatments have re-energised me to give me a renewed zest for life. Mr B.R.
  • Helping to deal with my work-life balance. I have suffered from arthritic and muscular pain since my 30s and when this became more pronounced together with the “work/life balance” stress of a busy general dental practice, my wife made an appointment for me to see Angi of whom she had heard of from a friend. I have always been treated in a professional and caring way, and see Angi quite frequently, as appointments allow.  I can honestly say that the relief from the pain and stress over the years has allowed me to maintain the active and calm minded life style that I wish for.  Mr P. J.
  • Performing at the highest level in my sport. Being a professional Sportsman I have always suffered with niggling injuries and general fatigue to the body.  I have been seeing Angi for two years now and she has soothed and worked away these injuries.  Her calming nature has also rubbed off on me helping me to perform at the highest level ……. I cannot thank her enough.  Mr J.S.