Angi BrownWhen you come to see me I will ask you ‘what is it that brings you through my door at this moment in time’ ?

I find that most people want to be more in touch with themselves and know there is a way to this place but just need a little bit of assistance in getting there. I meet many people who mention that they are lacking in self-confidence or self-esteem and feel so stressed and busy that they do not have the time or space to see a clear way forward. Others may have suffered loss of a partner or job and are in transition with the next stage of their journey through life.

“I like to hear an overview of your life story and about what goal you are looking for … maybe to feel relaxed or happy or loved or have more self-confidence … whatever feels right for you.”

You may be feeling overwhelmed by emotions of anxiety, fear or stress that seem to make life a difficult experience for you.  Perhaps you are may feel on the edge of sinking into depression or feel that you may already be in depression.  Maybe life feels like a painful experience with no respite, leaving you with a sense of wondering just who you are and what is your life all about anyway ?

It may be that these feelings came from a change in external circumstances, such as job loss, separation or divorce or health issues, or it may be more of a general feeling that has been with you for a long time and you just feel stuck in this place. To make matters even more difficult it seems to be affecting your self esteem and self confidence as well !

Your pain and sadness or anger may feel like it is coming from being stuck in a difficult relationship with another and you may want to see more clearly ways of resolving this and moving forward.

Understanding these places will help us move forward to create a healing therapy for you.


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